From the start


Hi Cheree here.

I thought I’d clarify as both my partner Lauren and I will both be writing blogs. I have thought about writing a blog for a while now but I was worried about how I’d go pulling all the thoughts together that are in my head, plus as you will see I am hopeless at spelling and punctuation I apologise if I ramble on but here goes.  For my first blog I thought I’d go wayyyyyyy back to the start of Lauren and I.  Please try to stay with me it may get confusing and take a while to explain as you will eventually figure out .

I met Lauren around 8  years ago.  My dad and her mum started dating (now they are married) yep technically we are step sisters. I never thought of her as my step sister though, we didn’t grow up together hell I was about 24 and had 2 kids when we met. Lauren told me she was terrified to meet me at first because my father had told her if anyone in our family would have a issue with her being gay it might be me! Which made me soooooo offended.  But fair enough I was married to a man at the time and yes I’m opinionated I admit but no one in my family knew at the time that I was bisexual . I kept it hidden until a few years ago from my family and for good reason. we got on straight away and became friends.

Fast forward to years later ….. I was divorced , had 3 children Jaxon, Mason, Addison and I was pregnant with Preston. Lauren and her ex  had 2 angel babies and they now had split up and she was also pregnant with Brooklyn .  We grew really close both pregnant and alone  and we leaned on each other for support…… eventually feelings developed and we ended up together.  We kept it secret for around 6 months or so from family. We did this because my family has not been the most supportive when it comes to me being with a woman. We still aren’t greatly accepted by some of my family.

Everyone has their views and opinions on us being together, we are tolerated by most of my siblings, I understand that it might  be weird for them the fact that she technically is my step sister but this should not be so weird in my family as my mum is with my sisters father in law,  and my brothers girlfriend is my ex husbands cousin, they have a son together so it’s my kids 1st and 2nd cousin sounds inbreed I know but none are related to each other by blood I swear  lol we joke that we need to go on  Jerry Springer.

So because the family is intertwined anyways this shows me its the whole being against me being with a woman thing more to me. We basically  get treated like we’re diseased by some members of the family or were tolerated which is a really shit way to be made to feel but hey we love each other and we’re happy minus the way we get treated and we won’t let negative, small minded people ruin our happiness.  We’re building a life and family together after being together for around 2 years.  Blending our family hasn’t been easy. We got together at the hardest time in anyone’s relationship we had 2  newborns. We juggle 5 kids,  2 of which are under 2 which that alone  is beyond crazy.  They love each other and have a beautiful bond….. Half the time …… The other half is a disaster, they don’t want to share they are having tantrums and Preston likes to bite, scratch and pull Brooklyn’s hair.             So sometimes we are ready to pull our hair out but mostly we pull together, we juggle it together.                                  That’s honestly one of the things i love about being with a woman compared to being with my ex husband is I found you both pull your weight more and are more equal  with taking care of the kids and housework and all the other relentless crap that goes along with family life.  What’s made it easier to blend our family together is my older kids already knew and loved Lauren and Brooklyn, although there was a lot of conversations and a lot of questions from them.  It made it easier that they knew mummy liked boys and girls as I had a girlfriend for a few years before I was with Lauren. It’s not a big deal to them which I love.  I’m proud that I’m raising tiny humans with open minds about different families and the LGBT community.  Breaking the family mould that I grew up in.




So, being the day Australia finally said yes to gay marriage, thought id celebrate by writing my first blog!! yep, its Lauren.

Today started like any other day, I woke up to Brooklyn staring at me, (poor thing had to sleep with me last night because she’s been so sick!) so I get up at some stupid hour of 6am after a night of high temps and vomiting from Brooklyn, fun! I get her breakfast, and get myself ready to go to work.

while driving to work, on the radio all they are talking about is the vote of YES or NO to gay marriage. I was pretty calm, went into work and put the raido on there. At about 930am they were counting down the minutes to the answer. that was when it hit me! I started to feel really nervous! I think I held my breath for the last minute leading up to it. I didn’t think I would get emotional, but when they said majority vote was a YES I burst into tears! I cant believe the last 11 or so years of me being openly a lesbian I couldn’t properly make those vows and have that special day with the person I’m in love with, if I wanted to, or be a ‘proper’ ‘normal’ couple!

Lets hope now society starts to accept it more and more so we don’t feel like such outcasts if we hold hands or give each other a peck on the lips saying goodbye etc in public! or in our case just in general around the family! I hope by the time our kids are old enough to be in serious relationships, if they are gay, it wont be such an issue or they wont have to cop the crap and pain we have had to and it will be a thing in the past and they will be shocked to hear that once it wasn’t ‘accepted’ or ‘legal’.

Anyway, at least now if we want to get married we can, I have it all pictured in my head how it will go lol. hopefully one day.

Tomorrow is Brooklyn’s 2nd birthday! I cant believe its been TWO YEARS!! everyone told me when I was pregnant they grow up too fast, and it really does! I don’t really like thinking back to the time I went into labor, id really rather forget that pain if I ever want another one come outta me! haha, its a time id like to forget up until the time I seen her beautiful little face for the first time!

I’m excited for her to open her presents with her brothers n sister and see them all get excited together. Hopefully she isn’t so sick tomorrow!!

well I guess ill stop rambling on now. There is so much I could say but putting it into a blog is kinda scary lol.

so bye for now! I have a cake to make (and try not to eat!)




First day at kindy-gym

IMG_20171103_104043IMG_20171103_103926Hi cheree here,

Today was Preston’s and Brooklyn’s first day at Kindy gym.  Preston is 19 months and Brooklyn is 23 months.

I have been looking forward to this day all week, thinking about their cute little  faces trying something new.

Lauren had a doctors appointment and usually works Friday’s so it was just me with them both.  Brooklyn woke us up at 6:30 this morning and the other 4 kids woke up soon after.

Because I was excited I actually had energy this morning ( anyone that knows me will tell you I’m not normally a morning person. I’m more of a don’t speak to me until I’ve had my coffee kind of person)

I made breakfast for the 5 kids a mixture of nutella  and Vegemite toast for them to choose from and then they had some yogurt. I made the oldest 3 lunches and got them dressed for school, did their hair and then checked that that had brushed their teeth.Then I showered and got myself ready as quick as possible while the babies watched on.  Any parent with young children will know the privilege of a shower without kids watching you or trying to jump with you is a luxury that goes very quickly after motherhood.

As usual the morning consisted of listening to the older 3 fighting,  yelling at each other and me trying to do crowd control. By 820 it was  time to leave to drop the 3 eldest to school. I hadn’t dressed the babies yet so they remained in pyjamas for the car trip.

I dropped them off.  Came home to get the babies dressed and pack a bag to take.  Then off we went.  As you can see from the pictures above both were excited to be out somewhere new.

As we entered and paid the nice receptionist for the lesson and I  took their shoes off the fun started.

As soon as Brooklyn seen the trampoline off she went. . . While Preston clung to my leg.

We had introductions with the teacher who I could see looking at each of the kids with her mind ticking over. She asked their age and I told her.  This couldn’t of helped the confusion that and the fact they were both calling me mum….  lol this is something that always amuses me when we go out and the fact they are so close in age and both clearly a different race probably doesn’t help it either.  Sure I could of explained it to her but after a while you get sick of explaining it to people so now I just let them try to figure it out themselves.

Kindy gym sure was  good exercise for me chasing Brooklyn around who was Jumping and laughing her little heart out on the trampoline , she joined in on most activities. Preston on the other hand clung to me as if his life depended on it and screamed bloody murder if I tried to put him down.

Trying to get Preston involved, chase Brooklyn around and still try to join in and interact with her in what she was doing was exhausting . And  at one point I got brave and  put Preston down at the side.  Yes stares at his screaming followed but I was over holding him and wanted to be able to play with Brooklyn . I climbed into the foam pit for Brooklyn to jump in also while I caught her which she absolutely loved.  Preston not so much……

I ignored the stares from the other parents. I thought to myself  Judge me if you want I don’t care,  I have 2 kids here to juggle and one screaming up on the mat next to the foam pit.  I wanted to have fun with Brooklyn for 2 minutes.


Of course with my luck do u think I could climb my way out of that damn foam pit? lol at least I got some good exercise.  At the end I was a mass of sweat, Preston’s still clinging to me acting like he was traumatised for life and Brooklyn was loving it and didn’t want to leave.  It was over all a good morning.  Sure we copped plenty of stares at my screaming son.

Parents are always going to judge other parents they will get over it.    And we probably confused the hec out off everyone which is normal for us and I’m getting more and more used to it as time goes on .  But it was worth it and we will be going back next Friday to do it allllllll over again!

Now Im exhausted and my heads throbbing I’m off to have a nap before the craziness of the kids coming home starts.

Thanks for reading..